Help to control fibaro roller with rfxtrx swich

I have changed a home easy roller shutter (rfxtrx) by a device fibaro roller shutter.
Before i controlled home easy roller shutter with home easy switch (both rfxtrx…)
To continue using my switch, I created a scene so that when I turn off or turn on the switch (home easy rfxtrx) the scene or goes blind up or down, but my previous settings if I was returning to press the switch, the shutter stopped the blind.
Now with the scene I can only climb down or up completely blind because the scene only recognizes on or off (can not stop the blind).
Can anyone help me to program a stop? (With one second press on the switch)


Good afternoon,
To solve the problem I bought a new LightwaveRF switch (Type JSJSLW826) . The device has keys for up, down and Stop. but when I try to create a scene to manage Trigger Fibaro blind With the new switch, there is no option STOP on the trigger in only On or Off.
I need to create the scene with lua code, but I dont know lua … can anyone help me with the lua code?

The device was created as: WC/L5.0/F501AE/01

commands sent are:
pressing OFF received message: 0A 14 00 76 F5 01 AE 01 0D 00 60
pressing STOP received message: 0A 14 00 88 F5 01 AE 01 0E 00 60
pressing ON received message: 0A 14 00 7F F5 01 AE 01 0F 00 60

I need to create a scene with lua code to run with this switch and perform the same action on my Fibaro roller shutter…

thank you for your help

Can anyone help me?

I don’t think this could be done! Get yourself a Z-Wave switch instead, or use a 433MHz switch with three distinctive buttons (up, middle, down) together with a Vera scene.

n0ir, thanks for your help

I am using a rfxtrx 433 mhz through a scene vera switch, but in the scenes when you use the wizard only allow vera on or off, do not allow any other option … that’s the problem, I need to start the scene with lua code for to use the trigger “stop”