help removing (excluding) a device from veralite and z-wave network

Hoping someone can shed some light on why I’m having such a hard time removing (excluding) a z-wave device from my network. I’ve got some light switches I’m trying to exclude, and can’t figure it out. One is a WD500Z-1 dimmer, and the other is a simple WS15Z-1 light switch. I press the “-” button on the veralite to put the unit in exclusion mode, and then go tap a button on the light switch, but nothing seems to happen… I’ve also tried this with the veralite in battery mode, holding it up next to the light switch…

I’m spinning my wheels here trying to figure out how to exclude the darn thing… any help would be greatly appreciated!

Get yourself an Aeon Z-Stick Gen 5 and use it to exclude your devices. This won’t get rid of it in Vera but there is a command line function you can use for that (make sure you know the device ID that Vera assigned).

These Linear switches need a double tap on the switch paddle to exclude and a single tap to include.

Ahh, thanks mate. The manual does not mention that. I’ll try that out.

update: worked like a champ. For anyone else with this problem, you have to double press on the “up” or “on” paddle twice, fairly quickly but not too quickly… kind of finicky. Thanks again Z-Waver!