A couple of days ago my Vera Lite out of nowhere (hasn’t been touched in days) quit working and all I get is a blue blinking light. I tried connecting via ethernet to my laptop and wasn’t able to connect via assigning it an IP address (still blue blinking light). The last thing I tried was the reset and it still does the same thing…completely lost here…HELP!

Can you please send us an email to and we will help you as soon as possible?


I had a similar problem recently… just one light on (don’t remember whether blinking or not). It turned out that the power supply (wall wart) was defective – support was very helpful in pointing this out.

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Contact support.

I had that happen this past week.

Blinking blue and quite warm.

Had to reflash the firmware. What a joy. It’s back up(the Vera) and working now but I’m on the new UI and patiently waiting for all my plugins to be updated.