Help needed---LFM-20 on and off mode in a scene or with device trigger

I have slowly been building out my ZWave network using a Vera Lite. I just bought and tested the LFM-20 with my garage door. Worked great. Reading here confirmed for me that when it is on the manual door switch is overridden and you have to trigger the LFM-20 back to off for it to work. So still being a pseudo newbie I am trying to figure out scenes and triggers.

So my question is this: With the LFM-20 can it be set up that once it is triggered it will go on and then immediately go off or is there a way to program the device turn turn itself off after X seconds.

I also read that when used with a door/window sensor it can trigger an event like turning it off.

All advice is welcome to get this set up and working.




Have you had a look at the Garage Door plug-in?

Is there not a parameter to set that will turn the switch off after X seconds?

You could make a scene do that. But the Garage door plug in is the way to go.
It’s easy to install the plug in.
You end up with a much cleaner solution.

Yes once you have created the scene add a delay of 1 second…

Click the wrench icon (edit) on your scene that sets the relay on.
there is a delay drop down that currently says immediate.
click manage delays and add a delay of 1 second. then in the devices section turn your relay off.
If you click the ‘?’ around the delays it says
You can add commands to be run at certain delays after the scene starts. For example, when the scene starts it turns the living right light on, and after 1 minute it turns the living room light off and turns an accent light on instead. To do this you would add 1 minute delay, select the 1 minute delay in the scene builder, and then choose what happens after that 1 minute delay. You can add as many delays as you want."

But I agree with @oTi the garage door plug-in is nice.

Thanks for all the feedback. The delay function worked well and I have since installed the door sensor and will try the plug in shorlty.