help for a newbie!

Hi all

had a trawl over the site and couldn’t find anything definitive.

I am a relative newbie to Vera and Z-Wave and have just started trying to use it.

I have a Vera Lite connected to my home network and a single Fibaro Dimmer in my daughters room switch.

I’ve managed to pair them and get everything working (ie the bi stable switch turns on and off the lights and the web interface dims the light)

i’m now looking at scene scripting.

essentially i want to:
from 11pm switch on the light in the room to 10%
1 hr before dawn switch the light off.

This i managed to do with building 2 scenes that do the above. problem is when i then use the switch manually, the lights come on to only 10% (the last remembered state). How do i return the lights back to 100% when i use the switch manually?

Thanks in advance

What you need to do is to reset the state to 100% when the light goes out.
When you sense the light go off, you need to turn it on @ 100% then off right away.
You might not even see it.

If you did this as a Scene it would be an infinite loop because the act of turning it on then off right away would re-trigger the scene.

You can do this with the Program Logic Event Generator plugin.
Create a PLEG device and call it Daughters Night Light
You would have a trigger:
DaughtersLightOff - Triggered when he light is detected to be turned off.
NormalOffAction = NOT (DaughtersLightOff @ 2 < 1:00)
Create an Action for the condition::
For NormalOffAction - Set the light to 100%
In the advanced tab, add a second command that sets the same light back to off.
Once you install the PLEG you can actually remove the other two scenes and do this all in one PLEG. Start off as before. Then add two Schedules to the SAME PLEG (similar to what you did for the two separate Scenes), one at 11PM and a second at 1 hour before dawn. Call them NightSchedule and MorningSchedule.
Add two additional conditions:
NightAction = NightSchedule
MorningAction = MorningSchedule
Then create an Action for the following conditions:
NightAction where you set the light to 20%
MorningAction where you set the light to off.

Note: The Morning Action will actually re-trigger the PLEG and cause it to run the NormalOff Action.
If you like this solution … can you edit your forum entry and rename this to Child Night Light

Hi Richard

Thanks for this.

I installed the PLEG module onto my vera lite and it showed up as a Device (with Arm and Bypass buttons). When I click on the Wrench icon (to configure) and then click on the Inputs tab…a progress bar of sorts appears with the message “opening pleg_inputs” and then just sits there. with the progress bar scrolling across…i’ve left it for 5 mins, but nothing seems to happen. Any ideas? am i doing it wrong?

think i worked out…doesn’t work on Mac…:frowning:

There should not be any problem on a Mac.

You need the Program Logic Core plugin installed as well.
After both are installed … Reload Vera and Reload your web browser.