Help? EnvisaLink3 with a 5010 panel.

I’m no newbie to DSC, but this vexes me. I AM new to Vera though after X10 and Insteon. I installed the card on the keybus, it reports all is well. EyezOn account is happy as well. Trying to add the device through the Vera dashboard I immediately get a message on the Web Interface that “DSCAlarmPanel : A Restart is required for this setting to take effect” when pushing the button to denote an EnvisaLink3 instead of a DSC IT-100. Nothing I do can make this better.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks!

You can manually set the Advanced Tab, InterfaceType to “2DS” and save.

Thanks but the interface is already set to “2DS.” Still getting the “DSCAlarmPanel : A Restart is required for this setting to take effect” message on the Vera Web interface.

I gather you are using UI7…

Replace “ip_address” as appropriate to your Vera’s IP address.

This will restart the Vera.

Thanks! I’m running UI7 and cannot find the dialog to enable remote arm now.

The dialogue on DSC is contained here:

Of course you know this one:,31096.0.html

You may need a second restart… Are the variable EnableRemoteArm being displayed in the Advance > Variables tab