Help: Can't get Vera 2 to see LFM-20

I am hoping someone can help me with an LFM-20 issue. I included two of these units with my Vera 2 network. I installed one in the garage to be able to open the door and did not power the other one back up after including it. When I tried to configure the unit I installed in the garage, I could not get it to respond (it was very close to another configured and functioning line powered device). I then powered up the second device and never saw it on the UI4 dashboard. I decided to just start over and include / configure them one at a time so I deleted the unit in the garage using the UI4 “Trash Can” icon. Now, I can not include (or exclude for that matter) one of the two LFM-20 modules. The rest of the system seems to be working find but one of these devices will not function. It did seem to include the first time I did it (the light blinked rapidly).

Any suggestions?



I guess I’d try to make sure the devices are properly excluded, before including them again. (If you’re successful at using the trash can to delete a device from Vera, the device will still think it’s included.) So, if possible, try to exclude the device with the Dashboard open in your browser so you can see what is going on (in the status window, top right). From memory, if the device picks up the exclusion request from Vera, you’d see a message in the status window change to say something to the effect of the device having been excluded.

The LFM-20’s are a bit tricky in getting excluded, it appears.