Help: association for white channel on Fibaro RGBW not working

Hi all,

I have a RGBW strip that is connected to a Fibaro RGBW controller. When I tried to associate a switch with Groups 1-3 simulating inputs IN1 to IN3, I have no problems toggling the respective RGB channels with the correct colour. However, when I associate the switch with Grp 4 to simulate IN4, I can’t get the white channel to light up. Instead, it is the blue channel that comes on. Can anyone give me some hints/pointers on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!!

The manual is here for info:

Not sure what you are doing here. Are you saying you are using a remote switch to associate with zones 1 to 4 in the Fibaro.
This is not what is meant. Association group 1 in the Fibaro means that you associate a remote device to your Fibaro so that when you operate IN1 it operates the remote device.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your question.

The Fibaro RGBW controller in its default configuration is such that each of its inputs can be used to control each of its 4 channels, and each input is correspondingly mapped to each of the association grp, i.e.

IN1 -> R -> Grp 1
IN2 -> G -> Grp 2
IN3 -> B -> Grp 3
IN4 -> W -> Grp 4

When I associate a switch to grps 1 thru 3, they all map correspondingly to each of the colour channels (i.e., RGB). However, when I associate with grp 4, instead of controlling W, it controls the B channel instead.