Hello Z-wave World: New player in the Zwave ecosystem

Hey guys! I’m from Texas, USA. Took me couple of hours to decide which home automation ecosystem I wanted to play with and I got a basic system coming tomorrow.

  1. One Vera 3
  2. Two GE dimmer switches
  3. One non GFCI outlet for my outdoor lightings (uplights)

I hope I made the right choice!!!


I don’t think anyone here will argue against your choice.

Hi Trey T !

if you need something in the installation, this forum is the best place for this…

the big portion of us some day was like you…

Welcome to Zwave/Vera world

Get out while you still can . . .

I just wanted to control 3 lamps in my living room with one switch. It spiraled out of control FAST :smiley:

^Lol. Thanks, guy!

I can imagine myself going out of control with this whole home automation; I’m excited about it but my wife isn’t!!! Right now, I just need to put my exterior lights on a timer so I can save money in the long run.

Future z-wave integration:

-whole house alarm monitoring (currently paid someone for monitoring)
-interior and exterior security camera
-garage door control
-thermostat control
-interior lighting w/ motion sensor
-motorized window blind and shutter (if that even exist)

Is there a H2SO4 or methane sensor for restroom? It would be cool if somebody doing the #2 in the restroom and it will alarm and turn on fan when it gets stink!

Is there a H2SO4 or methane sensor for restroom?

If you’ve got somebody passing Sulfuric acid in the restroom you are going to need Hazmat not Z-Wave…

I got the Vera 3 setup and few dimmer switches and timed it. There are several things I don’t like about this ecosystem but I’ll have to play with it more.

Currently using iVera (paid version) and it works when connected to WiFi but not with cellular. I have an acct with MCV but do I need to do something else for mobile control?

My Vera is on UI7 and I can’t seem to get my iVera iphone (ios 6) app to work on mobile. Is there a way for me to have access to my Vera 3 w/o updating my ios 7?

If you have the Iviri APP you might want to post that question in the Iviri Section as the creator and other that can help you watch over that section.