Hello, Thanks, and RCS TZ16 works fine

Hey folks,

I’m on my third Z-wave controller after about 4 years of playing with this stuff. First was a Hawking Home Remote, which was pretty good until they stopped supporting it. Then I used a Think Essentials Control Think system on a PC, which wasn’t well supported. Now I just bought a Vera 2. After a couple of days of scratching my head over the weird documentation and scattered information about the unit, and a couple of attempts to build my network (about 25 modules) I have it working well now.

I have an RCS TZ16 thermostat, that isn’t on the list of compatible devices with the Vera, but it’s working fine.

Just thought I’d say “hi”, and thanks for the great forum. Most of the info I needed to make my system work came from the forum members. Thanks all!




[...]RCS TZ16 thermostat, [...] working fine.
Thanks for the feedback.

In case you didn’t you know, you could use the ThinkStick as a secondary controller to Vera / as backup of your network / to poke around and see how Vera configured the Leviton devices / check out hop counts, etc.

Hello oTi@,

Thank you for the kind welcome!

I will indeed use the Thinkstick as a backup.

BTW - I thought the RCS TZ16 was working well, but after about 10 hours Vera started displaying an indication that Vera was unable to receive information on the unit. I “repaired” the unit using the Zwave controls in the dashboard. I got the unit back, but only by setting “automatically configure” on no. Some functions work correctly, but the current temperature indication shown for the unit in Vera does not match the temperature displayed on the unit itself.

I’m not sure what the guarantee related to the Vera means regarding compatibility with all z-wave units. Does that mean all zwave units are guaranteed to have complete functionality, or simply that Vera can support basic functions of a unit? Should I “open a ticket” with Micasaverde, or give up and replace the thermostat unit?


If it’s a Z-Wave certified device, then my perception is they will attempt to make it work with Vera. Presumably at least the supported Z-Wave command classes. For a t-stat I think that will give you quite some functionality.

They have been quite busy lately making (newer) devices, including t-stats, compatible with Vera.

Should I "open a ticket" with Micasaverde, or give up and replace the thermostat unit?
I'd check with MCV first, see what they say.

Thanks again! I will check with them, and supply them whatever info from the diagnostics helps to get this working. In the meantime I bought a CA8900 t-stat that I can sub in, and use elsewhere if they get the TZ16 working.