Heating inhibit - Newbie in need of help

Hi All,

So I’m new to this so go easy.

I’ve followed a youtube video and thought I can do this. (it appears I clearly can’t!!!)

So what I’m trying to do is when either the front or the rear door is opened the down stairs heating is set a lower temperature I’ll probably expand this as I expand the Alarm system.

What I have been able to do is get set PLEG up to get the report out when the door is opened, but it then won’t reduce the heating downstairs. My question to everyone is have I done things correctly. Its just when I see the relationship chart Properties aren’t linked so it feels like something is wrong.

Any help would be great, I’m sure once I get the hang of things everything will be much easier.

I’m no expert but it looks ok to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I’m trying new things and it doesn’t work as expected I try to work logically and methodically to discover the error. So in your case I first would check whether PLEG picks up on your triggers. Next I would check the condition. Does it turn to ‘true’ when one of the triggers run? Next I would check the action. Run it manually: does it run as expected?

The Status Report function is your best friend when doing this.

Thank you much appreciated.

Here is the status report. The triggers seem fine, the conditions also work if I’m interpreting them correctly, its the action that doesn’t from the look of it.

When I’m looking at your status report, I see that both your doors were open at that moment, but the condition didn’t turn true.

The condition becomes true if Front door is open OR back door is open. So when BOTH doors are open, the condition isn’t met. Try changing the condition to:
(t1_Front_Door OR t2_Back_Door) OR (t1_FrontDoor AND t2_Back_Door)

This way the condition wil become true when BOTH doors are open OR only the front door is open OR only the back door is open.

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