HD Cameras with No Lag in VeraEdge?

Hi, I’m looking to buy a couple new HD cameras, preferably ~3megapixels, preferably pan and tilt, preferably zoom, and preferably outdoor capable.

I bought a Foscam 9831W to try out with my Vera edge, and I’m not very impressed with how Vera handles the camera. I can’t PTZ from vera’s interface, and there’s about a 7 second lag on the camera image - when it updates properly at all.

Is anyone out there using a brand or model of camera they’re 100% happy with? IE, can pan and tilt from vera interface, use vera for motion detection, with very little lag? Are any other foscam models better? I’d been considering a Hikvision DS-2CD2132 based on replies in this forum, but am worried I’d have the same lag problem.

I’m beginning to think I just shouldn’t use the vera for my video monitoring at all, which is annoying - since I bought it to do complex scenes depending on motion detection (IE, send me an e-mail screenshot, turn on some lights, play music on my A/V receiver, etc).

A few things. Not every camera is supported by Vera for motion detection. You might have to tweak both to get going. same goes for PTZ controls. Vera is not meant for video monitoring. That should be left for a NVR or something like Blue Iris. Any camera added to Vera will most likely need tweaking.

  • Garrett

Hello Garret / euclidnet / All,

I too am new to VeraEdge - and am wondering exactly the same thing: Best camera that works WITH VERA? I see that there is a really great Blueiris Plug in to work with Vera.

What about the VistaCam Cameras? Because these are native to the Veraedge - do they work better? (I read they are not as good from a hardware standpoint tho).

Different topic: On the topic of NVR - Is there a thread here that discusses the BEST NVR’s that work well with Vera? -OR- Is BlueIris a better option when starting out fresh? Any advice here on this topic would be really appreciated!

Vera is not a DVR or a media streamer. It will never play any cameras fast or live. I actually only plays still photos at no faster then 1 sec refresh intervals but usually slower.

I have BLUEIRIS, whits is a computer software to turn a computer into a DVR. It requires a fairly powerful computer. Some old quad core computer will max out CPU power probley after 1 or 2 cameras max if you are recording a high quality (you can always degrade and use a few other tricks to easy the pain).

Blue iris cost 40-50 buxs and they have apps for iOS and android devices (each cost 10.00 I think). I can use my andriod app and view great video and all my recordings, get alerts, has built in geofence and a ton of options. It really a great program for around 60.00 (both program and app)

There is a BlueIris plugin for VERA (ui5, ui6 and ui7 and EDGE working). This plugin allows vera to check pull the image from your blueiris server and add a motion sensor into IRIS. I have this and its nice to have cameras and home automation in one app, but when I need to see whats going on I always click the blueiris app and what there. Not only is the streaming live, but you have a calender to view all previous recodings and many more options that VERA doesn’t do. I us Imperihome with vera and have a shortcut in the app to open Blueiris app on my phone.

Blue iris plugin allows you to view any camera (that works with blueiris, which is I think every ip camera). So no need to worry is Vera supports a certain camera.

Bottomline is VERA is not a media streamer and will not stream good period. Samsung Note 4 phone has a Quad-core 2.7 ghz processor and 3GB of DR3 RAM not to mention the graphics processor. On the other hand VERA edge has a single core 600mhz and 128MB DDR2 ram. I think my Keurig Coffee maker has a more power under the hood.

Thanks integlikewhoa for the tip(s) here!

I ended up buying Blue Iris, and added all my cameras (now 4) into the VeraEdge dashboard - and also thru Blue Iris (I love to have choices!). Everything works great.

Hi usafmjscott,
what camera had you bought finally?