Hawking Motion Sensor, Door Switch - "not yet ready to be used"

I have 2 door switches and a motion sensor. When I first configure them, they appear to be OK.
However, after a while (or it could be due to me changing something), I get the “red gear” icon over the device that indicates “not yet ready to be used”.

Does anyone know why this happens or what causes this to happen?

I think I’ve narrowed down when this happens.
If I change the idle timeout for the device (and possibly other settings), I get the the “device not ready to be used” error.

Anyone know why this might be happening?

It happens usually when I change the device config, but it also happens sometimes randomly.

When I change “Automatically Configure” to “No”, I can get the sensor back (red gear icon changes to green).

Anyone know what is causing this to happen?

I thought waiting long enough might allow them to configure properly, but no such luck.

I have to DELETE then ADD the sensor to Vera.
I’ve had to do this 3 times now.

I’m going to try not changing the settings for those sensors and see if it “keeps working”.