hawking hrds1 will not pair with vera 2

Just receive my vera 2 last night and i’m working my way through the learning curve that comes with the system. Does anyone know if the hrds1 is compatible with the ui4. I cannot get it to pair with my vera 2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This may be obvious, but make sure that you exculde it first (this will reset the device and make it ready for inclusion).

It seems to work with Vera (1 or 2 shouldn’t matter) as seen in this post:

Thank you for your quick response! Could you tell me how to “exclude” the device. Thanks


The same question - how to exclude hrds1 (can not pair it with vera2). I just bought vera2, and there is not dongle.

Bring your HRDS1 near the vera,

On UI4, just go to the Add/Remove Devices button, then click Next on the Z-Wave device section, and click Remove One.

Put the battery in the HRDS1 and click the button rapidly. Watch your Vera for status, it should show that the device has been removed. You can then re-add following the same procedure, but with include.


Nobody ever tells you that to pair this device you have to click the button on the sensor 3 times in rapid succession. It isn’t in the instructions for the HRDS1 and nobody ever mentions it on the boards, they just talk about checking you have excluded it and all sorts of other things.

It is perhaps the single most irritating thing about the device and it could easily be overcome by them including the answer in the instructions. I own 11 of these devices and this is the only way I have ever been able to convince them to include themselves in a z-Wave network and I only discovered the trick when I became so frustrated with the device that I did it to vent my anger.

So there you have it, click that button on the back of the HRDS1 three times in very rapid succession and all your problems will be answered as the Vera suddenly wakes up and flickers away.

[To be fair to fall-line he may have been suggesting this by saying ‘click the button rapidly’, but it is easy to miss the fact that it needs to be more than 1 rapid click and to enjoy hours of frustration as a result]

ah yep. I meant to be clear about the three times in rapid succession thing, but overlooked the emphasis when posting. Thanks for clarifying mtf.

Let’s face it, Hawking products SUCK bad for directions and in most cases, quality. The directions for the HRDS1 are piss poor and even mounting the damn thing was horribly described. I love the sensor ONCE YOU FIGURE IT OUT - but the Aeon Labs D/W sensor was so much easier to figure out…