Having One Scene disable another

I suspect this may have beeen addressed somewhere in the forum long before now, but my search didn’t bring anything obvious up…

Is there a way to have the execution/activation of one scene disable another scene?

In my case, I have an “Evening Lighting” scene that I want to run whenever I’m in my weekend home, but when I execute my “Leaving” scene, I don’t want the evening lighting (timer) scene to execute while I’m gone. Do I have to remember to disable the EveningLighting scene myself whenever I leave, or can I somehow get the “Leaving” scene to turn off/disable the EveningLighting scene? Similarly, if there was a way to just disable the timer on my EveningLighting scene rather than the entire scene, that would work too. Right now, I just have a “Sunset” everyday timer for the EveningLighting scene.

I’ve poked around, but can’t find a way, which probably means there isn’t unless I’m being dense.

Thanks in advance for any guidance/info.

That would be really interesting way of doing it, would also work for when you go on vacation, disable your normal timer scenes, enable your vacation timers to give the lived in look.

Never thought of it that way, but hopefully it could be done in a single LUA call just passing the correct parameters.

Funny-I posted the same question at about 1:30 this morning! Not quite as eloquently, though… Definitely would like to have a checkbox on a scene that overrides any other conflicting scenes.