Has my Garage Door Been Left Open?

Last week I purchased a new VeraPlus (UI7 1.7.1786) along with a VistaCam 700 and a GoControl GD00Z-4 GD controller. It took a few days for Vera tech support to get my controller registered (but that’s another story), but all is good now. I can successfully control the garage door remotely with either the web browser or the Android app.

My problem is that I am unable to create a scene where all I want to know is if the garage door is open past 10pm, send an alert to my smartphone. Then I can check the camera in the garage if I need to, motion sensors, etc, and then remotely close it with the app. I have tried different scene steps to no avail. It would appear the only option I have in the GUI scene builder is at 10pm send a door close command. I suppose that is ok, but what if there is something in the way of the obstruction sensors and the door doesn’t close? I am sure there has to be a way to query the state of the door position, either through the GUI scene builder or perhaps by using Luup code. Is the GD00Z-4 not capable of providing this information to the controller where I can retrieve it? Do I need a door/window sensor to check the state of the garage door (seems like overkill).

If anyone has done this successfully please share your code or steer me to the right place to get this figured out.

Thanks in advance.

You should have received a tilt sensor when you purchased the GoControl GD00Z-4 GD controller.

There are multiple examples using PLEG in his forum. Try search

Conditional scenes are discussed extensively in the below thread.


There is an example for one that runs from ‘start time’ to ‘end time’. You can use that one to check on the garage door status every X minutes and if Open, send a Close command. Put some more logic in there and sound the alarm if eg you have to close it 2 times in a row (indicating it didn’t close properly the 1st time)

If any of my doors open any time of day, Vera lets me know via my Sonos system. I had to implement that when one of my K9 room mates figured out how to open the back door and the AC had to work overtime. If I am not home I get a notification on the app.