Harmony Elite with Vera

Hey Guys

I have been looking in to controlling my zwave devices with the Harmony elite remote, i can get it to work the other way round so the vera can control the harmony hub with installing the harmony APP on the vera, but i was after using the Harmony remote to switch lights on and off when an activity was used.
i have seen this Harmony Hub Extender which is a zwave device, but it looks like it may be discontinued now
Has any one got there harmony remote to control zwave devices ?


You need the the Logitech hub extender and the Hub to do what you want.

Although you can create a scene with a trigger as a harmony activity.
See attached.

There is another way which i use…


[quote=“JCH, post:3, topic:198408”]There is another way which i use…


I wrote that on my blog years ago, for getting old Harmony remotes to control Z-Wave devices via my Windows Media Center PC and then later here for my Linux OpenElec Kodi PC.

To connect Harmony Elite to Vera now, use the Java HA Bridge software. You create some Vera devices on the HA Bridge and then link the Harmony software to the HA Bridge aka an emulated Philips Hue bridge.

You can then assign the four orange Home Control buttons on the remote to Vera devices or scenes. Also whatever Vera devices and scenes you added to the HA Bridge, will then appear under the LIGHTS section of the Harmony Elite’s LCD screen etc.

You need another machine, Windows box or RPI etc to run the HA Bridge on though.