Hand Held Remotes

I have been using X-10 for years. With Changing technology I have tried moving to z-wave. Have installed a dozen or so wall switches from several suppliers and with some effort have them all working through the vera web site. Have not been able to get a remote control to work. Have not been able to get a Linear PD300Z or a Leviton DZPD3 to work using a GE 45600 remote. All of the x-10 controls were for the most part done with hand held controllers. At one time we were using x-10 wall controllers but the hand held seemed to work better.

Can some suggest inexpensive hand held remote controls for z-wave. I’m stuck.

I use a VERA3 Hub because it was suppose to be the best with the longest range. As I understood it all z-wave products were suppose to work seamlessly, about that I am not sure.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. The question is 1) Lamp controller and 2) Hand Held Remotes. Easy to setup and reliable to work.

Thanks to all

Well, last week I bougth a Aeon minimote. Works good with the latest firmware (Vera Edge UI7).

It has 4 button, and you can use that to start 8 scenes.

Second the Aeon minimote. I have 5 of them and they work great. If you need any LED z-wave bulbs there is a nice bundle on amazon which I have taken advantage of which includes the minimote and a domitech bulb. http://goo.gl/Q1jqpL

Not sure what woes you have with the GE since I do not have your specific devices. It depends on how you plan on using the remote:
The GE is in direct association with devices, meaning it does not need the Vera to be on to control the switches. It also offers the ability to dim dimmers. The Vera can also control scenes but setting it up through the Vera is complicated. It can control group and scenes directly if you set them up from the remote. I have had my 45600 control Cooper, Leviton and GE switches and dimmers with no issues…
The Minimote which I own too, controls scenes from the Vera. It has to talk to the Vera and then the Vera flips the switches leading to some potential response lag.