Hal Stability Issues on Samsung Galaxy Note II

Hello everyone,

First of Richard thank you for developing this app! I have just started with Z-wave equipment and I love it!

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II,

I have noticed that usually after Hal receives and then sends a command to my Vera(sometimes successfully) that it suffers an error and is forced closed. I would love to help you with what ever you need to help this app become stable on the Note II platform.

I activated all of the debugging logs. I have succeeded in having the app crash after this. I looked through the file, and noted all usernames and passwords are clear text form, obviously not forum safe.

Which report are you looking for exactly let me know and I will do what you want.
thank you

My Email is on the Web Page.
Make sure when it crashes that you send the report … I can see these and use them to debug.