Guest Access to MiOS

I note that when adding users for remote access you get the choice of:

Guest: This user can control my MiOS system, but can’t save any configuration changes

I chose Guest and added a user then went to see what difference that made on the Dashboard. Surprisingly it made no difference at all, the user was still able to edit Lua in a scene and to save it. Is it a bug or have I misunderstood?

This could be an obvious question (sorry if it is) but have you enabled “Require local http authentication” on the site under the settings for your box?

Yes and all login and access is taking place remotely.


I have the same thing in .1047. I believe it is a bug.


That’s a feature which is not implemented yet. It’s on our list and the account type Guest will have limited access to edit/save settings on Vera, but we have other priorities now.


I doesn’t matter to me- but maybe you should update the website so when people pick guest it says something in parens that currently guest is the same as admin so people dont think it’s safe to handout those type logins?

It’s almost a security issue I’d think…

Ok, I will propose it to the developers.

I would have expected that “Guest” access would primarily mean that the guest would be unable to see the bar at the top where the reboot/SAVE options are, as well as no sight of the Toolbox, MiOS Marketplace and the ‘spanner’ icons. That would certainly be a good start, even if access controls weren’t truly enforced. I realise this is security through obscurity, which is no security at all, but as a temporary measure it would be a good start, along with the mention when adding a user that it is not truly secure at the present time. As a feature it should only take a few minutes and a few ‘if’ statements to get that far.

Like mentioned earlier, we won’t be dealing with features right now, there are other manners that needs treated.