GSM/GPRS modem attached to VERA?

I just to ask if anyone has ever tried to attach a GSM/GPRS modem to vera, so if anything happens vera can send a command to this modem which in term sends a msg (SMS) or an MMS to a mobile.
When there is no internet connection.
Please waiting for your answers

sms can be done with kannel sms gateway.

Here’s the previous discussion about USB cellular modems.

maybe i missed something in my post
When there is no internet and there is no 3G coverage in this area, i should depend on either sms or GPRS data

@guessed has a GSM / SMS device attached by serial that can send SMS’s etc. Not sure on the state of the plugin for this though!

I could get it to Receive and Send SMS but it really wasn’t “wired” into Vera as such. It required a very specific SMS Board, from, since there are a number of key variances in the AT Standards implementations across vendors, specifically in the SMS space…

Anyhow, I never took it further due to these incompatibilities (and a few Vera2/UI4 instabilities I was also tackling at the time). It could be made functional, with a lot of code-fiddling - esp in the area of support for multiple AT-compliant boards.

The other challenge is the payment and registration models for the GSM Providers was also a little hard to understand. I had a T-Mobile pre-paid, and it was working with the specific Sparkfun board I had, but when I swapped it into another device, I couldn’t get it working.

I guess if you put a new carriers SIM card, then you would need to set up the new SMS message center number etc!?

thank you guys for the reply. I heard that there is a GSM/GPRS modem, which u can put a SIM in it and it is very easy to be installed.
It is a 2 way interface (u can send/receive from it)
but the problem is in how to install it on Vera