Greenwave 1 port PowerNode - HELP

Hey Guys

So i have just purchased these Greenwave PowerNodes, they are pretty good Z Wave sockets the price of them is very good.

what i am having trouble with is the configuration of them, i have managed to configure it to stop the green light flashing every 2 minuets in the parameters which is

Veriable =1 / 1 byte dec / Desired Value = 255 / Current Value = 255

What i dont like, if there is power failure, when the power comes back on they default to ON. so been trying to configure them to either return to last state or even ALL OFF.
I have tried various values what i have found around on the internet but with no luck the latest one i found is

Veriable =3 / 1 byte dec / Desired Value = 01 / Current Value =

Which just comes up * setting user configuration* that stays on there all the time.

Wondering if anyone has had success in configuring the PowerNode

I would be very great full for any help with this, its driving me nuts