Green LED on IT-100 flashing every 1/2 second DOESN'T mean it's working !!

After weeks of frustration and multiple posts on the forum about the IT-100 not communicating with Vera units anymore, I found out that I had 2 defective IT-100 modules in a row. I replaced the alarm panel, installed 2 other Vera units (Vera 3 and Vera Lite) besides the original Vera2 that was originally hooked up, I replaced multiple FTDI USB adaptors and 2 IT-100 modules, today I finally tried a 3rd IT-100 and wouldn’t you know, it’s communicating !!

I have to say what really helped out was using the Putty program hooked up via FTDI USB adaptor to accept serial communication on Com port13 on my laptop and watch to see if the DSC panel was ouputting any data (basically removing the Vera out of the path) with the Data being viewed directly via Putty or Hyperterminal program instead.

Now as soon as I turn on the alarm panels power it almost immediately communicates to the laptop verifying there IS data coming from the panel FINALLY !!!

My apologies to the forum and moderators for all the hassle and headache this has caused (I’ve had over 40 hours in this my self and a few tanks of gas).

All along I assumed that if the IT-100 was flashing green every half a second and that when you do a 903 scan, it shows up as virtual keypad 8 on the alarm that the keybus was communicating to the IT-100 fine and transmitting and receiving data. This was not the case. The alarm panel (multiple panels 1616, 1832, 1864) all did NOT report trouble on the keybus in reference to the IT-100.

I hope this information is helpful for anyone that happens to have this same issue, but what are the odds ??? ???

Time to play the lottery !! Again my apologies to the moderators.