green goose sticker sensors

a friend sent me this link, and I immediately thought of how it could be used in home automation. It looks like some kind of RFID system?

GreenGoose sensors make doing everyday things more playful! They’re wireless stickers and stick on anything that moves – even pets. They’re smart and can automatically tell what’s happening; a dog gets a walk, a frisbee is caught, or the toilet seat goes down, you name it. It’s part of a whole new world of apps in the works that helps us play more and live better.

GreenGoose sensors send what they know wirelessly to a little green egg that attaches to your home WiFi. From there, the fun moves online to your mobile phone or any app on the Internet. No geeky setup, either. Just plug the green egg in, slap a sticker on, download an app to your phone and you’re ready to go.

Nice :slight_smile:

The website states that the stickers are battery-powered, so it’s not RFID. There’s different stickers for different purposes; I expect they carry one or more sensors: proximity, acceleration, attitude, perhaps location. There’s an API and they invite people to develop their own apps, so presumably it’s possible to interface this thing to Vera.

I can’t open that page. But sounds very interesting, will have to try again later…

ohhh wooooow that is cool. this would be a very very cheap option to measure all kind of things!

But it looks like at the moment this is thought for dogs, I don’t have one, and I also have no interest in “measuring” my toothbrush, so I wouldn’t really know what to do with the available sensors…

The list they show in the API is potentially a little more interesting:

right now, it’s listing:
[tt] define SERVER 0
define GATEWAY 1
define SHOWER_SNSR 4
define BIKE_SNSR 5
define FLOSS_SNSR 11
define VACUUM_SNSR 13
define VITAMIN_SNSR 14

The pictures on this page also give a bit of an idea of whats planned also:

Looks promising though, and a great price.

pretty neat stuff :smiley:
ima get one as soon as i find a retailer in holland here.
a tap-sensor under my doormat will be nice and one for my cat :slight_smile:

It does sound REALLY interesting. The problems I see right now are the short range of the sensors, and what appears to be non replaceable batteries in the sensors.

I’d love to get my hands on the system and test it out though. I hope the guy succeeds!

[quote=“TheGadgetGuy, post:8, topic:171044”]It does sound REALLY interesting. The problems I see right now are the short range of the sensors, and what appears to be non replaceable batteries in[/quote]Seems the sensor can work up to 300Ft (under best case scenario), which isn’t bad. I wonder how long the sensors will last?

A review from an early user:

That guy’s HA system plain puts Vera and all the competition to shame.

I want to cry.

That’s pretty cool… (if) When they add more sensors, it would seem this would be a great plug in worthy project for Vera!