Green Eye Monitor from BrulTech (GEM)

I was wondering if anyone is or thinking about developing a Plugin for the GEM. I am about to order the ethernet version for monitoring the household energy use. I have been using efergy but it only handles a single point but it is a low cost entry device to see if I wanted to proceed.

I would assume that once it is out and shipping, you will probably see a plugin being developed. There are a few who are waiting for this to come out.

  • Garrett

I started to modify the current Brultech plugin to support the existing and new protocols. I have the Protocol doc for the GEM, but since the product was delayed I also put that development activity on hold for a bit.

Once they release the WiFi version, I’ll start it back up again. My intent is to expose all the channels first, then the pulse-counters, and lastly the temp sensors via the internal 1-Wire interface.

In the interim, they are supposed to have a ECM-1240 compatibility mode, which makes the GEM look like 4x ECM-1240 devices (28 channels total) that should work with the existing Brultech plugin…

I’ll validate this once I can get my hands on one, but I do seem to recall it in the new config tool.

They are shipping out a few test GEM’s now.

Not the Wifi ones…

Seems to be a minor issue with WiFi stability on a few units.


Thanks. Ill look into the 1240 compat capability?