Great Device With Huge Potential :)

So I just got it configured and I like it so far :slight_smile:

I gave it 5 stars on Amazon - there are couple of issues, but still really nice.

Glad you are enjoying Vera. It does have some issues, however MCV is working hard to make it a better product. You can not find anything better in this price point. Once you have it working and setup the way you want it, it should be rock solid.

  • Garrett

Got all these working well :slight_smile:

Trane TZEMT400BB3,ML IWD600S, ML IWS1000S , Foscam FI8905W

@mysticjay, glad to hear everything is working for you. I’ve only owned my Vera since February, but it seems like things have only gotten better since then.

Not that it wasn’t working when I bought it, but the community has added support for quite a few more devices in the past few months. I’m very excited about the future of Vera, especially with UI5 coming out!

There seems to be quite many new users of Vera. Looks promising for the future!

there are couple of issues, but still really nice.
They are "features" and part of "Vera's" personality... ::)

Well, welcome to the club and you are now a proud owner of a great system. Though it would not really be able to come out completely fixed and there would always be minor errors and issues and considering the price range it is operating on, I do not think there would be anything better out in the market so we just have to make do with what is available and just hope for the best set up possible.