Google-home no longer working?

I have several controllers (master-slave-slave) that control 3 different apartments.

I rent one of these apartments to different clients (airbnb style) and I need these clients to be able to control only a few devices (light switches on or off, no programing allowed, no changing device parameters allowed etc…)

I used to be able to do this with Google-home connected to my main Vera controller, but now google-home no longer connects to my controller and Ezlo-Support are telling me it’s a “global bug” and they don’t know when they will fix it. :frowning:

They proposed that I instead create a “guest” user inside the controller with only “basic” functions but that can’t work because even “basic” has way too much power for my guests.

If I knew how to write a webpage to read the controller and show only selected devices I would but it’s beyond my capacity.

Any ideas anyone? Maybe you know of an android app that could allow me to do this? Even a windows program that could do this? (I’m willing to leave a laptop in the apartment for them to control a few lights)

Anything really. Any suggestion would help. Surely, I’m not the only one on this planet who want to allow ‘guests’ to have limited control to only a few devices and not the whole controller

Thx for any input