Google Home link Vera Concierge

How can i associated vera concierge at Google Home.

In my activity i have : “ask to veraconcierge to turn on salon”
and the response :“Pour etre honnete, je ne sais as comment vous aider. Mais j’en apprends de plus en plus tous les jours” (French user)

I have found this on the forum :
Start Google Home android app.
Click the pancake stack in the upper left corner.
Click ‘More Settings’.
Scroll down to and click ‘Assistant apps’
Scroll down to and click Vera Concierge.
click ‘UNLINK’.
click ‘LINK’.

But i don’t find “assistant apps” on the goolge home android app.


I had to choose the option to “explore” in the google home app. It is in the same place as “more settings” and in my case, it is at the top of the screen.

After selecting the option I typed in Vera Concierge, and the option to “link” to vera concierge came up.

It is very strange. In the French Application, i have the menu ‘more settings’, but i don’t find the ‘explore’ menu.
Can you explain me where you have the option to “explore” in the google home app ?

You need to be able to say:

OK Google where did you put the explore menu today ?

You might try one of the following:

  1. Change the language to US - English just for the linking step.
  2. Check to see if you can find the Explore in the Google Assistant app.


My phone came with google home. This option was always there. I ran in to one post where a user stated he had home on his phone but had to download google assistant to get full functionality with his device???

I am just guessing.

I have the same problem. I cannot connect Google Home to Vera consierge.

no assistant apps in google home app

I am located in Switzerland but use english (us) language in my phone to configure google home. (With German Language settings Google Home App has even fewer settings (no Voice Match, no Shortcuts))

Is there a manual way to link Google Home with Vera Consierge?

I figured out how to connect google home and vera consierge … but it only works with english assistant.

I changed the language of my google home device to english (US) and said the command OK Google talk to vera consierge
Then I had the blue window in the home app with the LINK button. Talking to vera consierge worked.

I switched back to german language and Google Home did not understand the command. I tried with the german equivalent to “talk to” but it doesn’t understand.

I hope there will be a solution for other languages than english soon. :cry: