Good alarm panel w/ Vera?

Hi everyone. I am quite new to the Vera, but not to automation. I have a bunch of z-wave wireless sensors, door locks, cameras blah blah around my house and have everything working great with the Vera but I need to add a panel or something so the wife can easily Arm/Disarm the system. All I need is a panel for the wall that can be used to arm/disarm my vera stuff (Change modes or whatever it might be). I don’t have an existing security system at all and everything is my own, so I just need a panel with a speaker so I can do the “Door open” blah and use it to arm/disarm.

Any ideas on this as I have done some research and most people seem to have already had a security system when they bought the Vera.

If I were you, and that’s really all I wanted to do, I would just buy a tablet and put my favorite vera app on it, wall mount it and call it a day.

Yeah after spending hours of reading online posts I am really starting to lean that way. The 2 Gig sounded attractive, but now I am starting to doubt it after realizing it can’t communicate both ways.

Thanks for the advice!