Global Cache WF2CC

I was wondering if I coul use a Global Cache WF2CC to control my roller blinds through something like SQ Remote?

You could use the guts of the remote control that works with the shades and solder wires to the board for each function (up,stop,down) and then connect those wires to the Global Cache iTach WF2CC.

It depends on the motors used in your shades, it might be easier/cheaper to use IR or separate z-wave motor controllers.

Hi Shady,

I was waiting for you :slight_smile:

I do not solve my problem with automation of my curtain…
now I am thinking in global cache contact closure


remember: I have 1 wire common, 1 up and 1 down…this is all I want…up and down…via vera3…

this product solve my problem ??

thanks for your help one time more.


Sorry I didn’t reply, while I have never worked with Global Cache iTach, it should work to control your blinds. You might check with Global Cache to make sure the GC-100 plugin will control and iTach through Vera. I assume it would since they both would have an IP address and probably have a similar command to trigger their contact closures.

A similiar discussion recently relates the the Garage Door opening.
This addresses some of the questions that have been raised
see comments by @RichardTSchaefer and @Spudz72,4773.75.html

In addition, the same logic is applied to control the garage door as you would apply to the blind or curtains. There are alternative threads that utilize a quad relay which there is also a plugin available.

Last consideration is Global Cache will be releasing a new product in the new year iTach Flex see but depending on your progress to implemented, it might be worth a look and wait for it to come to market.