Ghost Notifications

Hello all.

I have been using Vera for about a year now and I use Vera Alerts for my notifications. I have 4 profiles setup to receive notifications including 2 mobile phones, 1 tablet and 1 Sonos forwarding. All notifications are setup to go to all 4 profiles.

Everything is working correctly and has been for awhile. However, several days ago I started receiving what I’ll call “ghost notifications”. These notifications are NOT setup anywhere in my system and come through as “Side Door Opened” or “Vera Restarted”. The other interesting fact is that these notifications only appear on my tablet profile even though my notifications are setup to always go to all 4 profiles.

I have tried several things including un-registering and re-registering Vera Alerts on my tablet (which changed the VeraAlertsID). I also deleted Vera Alerts from the tablet, re-installed from scratch, and re-registered the device and I’m still getting these “ghost notifications”.

The only thing I can think of is that I might be receiving someone else’s notifications on my tablet because they registered a profile on their Vera Alerts to my device, but I’m not even sure if that is possible.

Any help, direction or ideas would be appreciated.



The Vera Alerts Mobil ID is a randomly generated 12 character string.
It is theoretically possible that someone else has the same 12 character string … or they entered the wrong string in their profile.

You can change the Vera Alert MobilID on your phone.

  1. On your Phone
    Set DeviceID (Bottom of Settings)
  2. On your Vera Alerts Profile
    Update the Vera Alerts Mobil Device ID to same ID as #1


Thank you for the response.

I went through the process you mentioned several times now and I’m still getting the notifications that are not from my system. I also turned all of my notifications off in Vera Alerts and I was still getting these ghost notifications on my tablet only (my personal system notifications stopped as expected). The two notifications that I am getting are “Vera Started” and “Side Door Closed”.

Do you have any other ideas on how I can stop these notifications that are not from my system?

Thanks for your time.

Did you pick a new/different Device ID ?

If you did and you are getting the same notifications … then it’s coming from your VERA.

Vera Started is caused by having the Internal Alerts set on the Settings Page in the Plugin.

Yes…I did pick a new Device ID when I went through the Register and Unregister process.

My Vera Alerts setup also does not have any of the Process Notifications, Internal Alerts or Debug items checked.

Also, I believe the fact that I’m getting a non system message (“Side Door Closed”) shows that this is beyond a system notification. I guess the next thing I could try is to delete the Vera Alerts plugin from my Vera, re-install the plugin, setup all the alerts again and re-register all four devices. I’ll try this unless you have another idea to try first.


Quick Update.

I uninstalled Vera Alerts from my Vera system over the last 24 hours or so and I am still getting alerts on my tablet that are not from my system. Somehow, someone else’s alerts are being directed to my tablet.

Later today, I’m going to unregister ALL of my mobile devices and reregister with new DeviceIDs to see if it helps. Do you now of any other way to disassociate all notifications coming to my device?

Look at the “Vera Startup” message.
Long click it to see the Alert Properties.
(The first message sent after Vera restarts always contains some extra info")

PM me the value for the Registered It will contain the Vera Serial# and the registration # of the source. If they are a registered user I can look them up.

I sent a PM with the information you requested.


Well it’s cause by two or more people making the same mistake …
On Vera Alert Mobile … UnRegister … clear your VeraDeviceID and then register with an Empty VeraDevice ID …

When this happens messages go to the N-1th person that did this …

Richard…thank you for helping me resolve this issue.

I can confirm that I’m no longer getting these notifications.