Getting the id of the device triggering a scene


Is there a way to see which device triggered a scene? I have a scene that controls what happens when I click a button on one of my controllers, but…instead of creating several scenes I’d like to just have one.

This has been asked many times. If it’s a Vera trigger then you can add a bit of Lua code to identify it to the scene.

Ok, thanks. I’ll do some more searching. I just couldn’t find it the first (few) time(s). Cheers :slight_smile:

Just ask again if you can’t find it, but there should be lots there.

the scene controller object may also have some useful variables

Here’s a thread I found

Which device triggered a scene

[quote=“akbooer, post:6, topic:192037”]Here’s a thread I found

Which device triggered a scene[/quote]

Muchas gracias! Was scouring the forum right now, but hadn’t found this one yet. Hard to find when you don’t know what to search for so had to manually look at all topic headlines :slight_smile: