Getting started?

I am awaiting my first Vera Lite to install. If someone can help me understand this process of integrating it with my DSC alarm panel.

These are the parts I need.

[ol][li]Vera Lite connected to LAN[/li]
[li]DSC Plugin from Vera’s marketplace downloading the Plugin from here. MiOS Apps
[li]DSC IT-100 DSC
[/li][li]DSC 1616, 1832 or 1864. PowerSeries Integration Module | DSC Security Products | DSC
[li]Serial to Ethernet gateway.[/li]
[li]I then install this gateway on the IT-100 and ethernet it to my switch and the LAN my VL is on.[/li]
[li]Refer to installation instructions here.[/li][/ol]

I realize as as an option, instead of the IT-100 + serial gateway I can go with a Envisalink 3 EyezOn - Smart Home Security No Monthly Fees
This route is a little more money but I will not have to deal with the extra Serial to Ethernet Gateway. I would like to have as clean a install as possible. For a few extra dollars, I might do this.
Does anyone know of the latest pro’s and con’s of the two peices of hardware? (IT-100+ gateway or Envisalink 3)
Such as can I hook the TI oe EL3 up to a static IP? Is there any more programming involved to get the VL to see my custom text zones?
Please keep in mind, I would like to have as many options as possible on my VL like being able to use my motions and switches as programmable features in my VL.

Thanks so much

I would go with the Envisalink 3 there are many many more pro’s (including a more simple setup) and only one con, and that is that you will have to manually name your zones in Vera.

The cost of the EVL3 is about the same as a serial to IP converter and the IT100 anyway.

Thanks strangely, as I now have my VL working with a Envisalink 3 and my DSC 5020. I have a few kinks to work out but it all works great.