Getting external IP address from Vera

I was looking for a solution to retrieve the external IP address assigned to my home gateway. Best solution would be to write a virtual module plugin to display the information, however I am short of plugin authoring knowledge.

I came up with a viable alternative using a scene and Pushover, based on the idea from another topic:

(note this requires Push Notification plugin. Pushover API is here should you wish customising the push message.)

[ol][li]Create a new scene[/li]
[li]Do not select any devices, goto LUUP tab[/li]
[li]Add the following code (change 00 to the device number pushover plugin created)[/li]
[li]Hit “Save Lua”, “Confirm changes” and SAVE.[/li][/ol]

local status, response = luup.inet.wget("", 10)
local ip = response:match("(%d+.%d+.%d+.%d+)")
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:IOSPush1", "SendPushOverNotification",{Title= "Info message", Message="Your external IP is " .. ip, Priority=0, URL="", URLTitle="", Sound="pushover"}, 00)

You will receive a Pushover push message on your mobile when the scene is executed.

Hopefully you are using this to find the End point for a VPN/SSH tunnel. You should NOT allow ANY other connection initiated from the internet side of your router!

If you are port forwarding any other port … the Chinese, Russians, South Americans, and NSA probably already have your IP address and have probed any port you left open.

Your Vera is easily hacked if you port forward to it. Once compromised it can access other devices (computers) on your LAN.
Oh, and most IP cameras have a linux running on them … and can be hacked to access your LAN.

Companies open other ports, such as Web and mail servers, but they have IT staff who have a continuous job to monitor and update those services to make sure they can not be exploited