Geofencing issues

I’m trying to set up geofences. However, there isn’t anything in vera mobile or through the pc login named geofences. The different modes show (home, away, etc), but there isn’t anything I can click on to set up a geofences. I have an ezlo secure and it shows online.

Is it currently disabled or is something just not set up right?

Currently it is not published feature. But its in our list and we will be releasing it soon. Stay tuned.

Any update on when geofencing will be a published feature for Ezlo secure?

Hi @Kevin_Simnick , we are about to finish it. It should be released in September.

Will it work better than Vera (on Android)? Some times the enter/leave is missed and typically they change hours after entry or leaving a region/zone.

Geofencing is the one real feature that is keeping me from dipping my toes into Ezlo. There are probably some other minor features that I’ll have to work around, but until a reliable geofencing feature is enabled on Ezlo, it’s a show stopper.

coming very soon…working on it…

Any updates on geofencing?

Hi @Kevin_Simnick ,

We are still working on it. You will hear about it soon. Stay tuned!