Geofencing Down again................

Well I have had to turn geofencing off on our Android mobile devices. It is just not working reliably.
Sometimes it would trigger with someone home, sometimes it would not trigger at all. At this point it is not worth the problems it is causing.
Anyone else having these problems?

I’ve had ongoing random issues with iOS Geofencing. The support team have tried to investigate, but all they have is the logs on Vera (apparently) which I am perfectly capable of reading. And of course if Vera doesn’t change the Geofence, then you’d probably not expect it to log…

There is a suggestion that deleting all the users, then removing the geofences, and re-adding the users may be a way to go, but I am not hugely keen on that level of effort without understanding more about what, exactly, the problem is.

BUT some possible light on the horizon, the new iOS mobile app seems to be a bit better. Time will tell

Not a great deal of help for you on Android, though :frowning: