Generic Z-Wave Option missing from device list

I received an Ezlo Plus device to replace a Vera Lite. I am trying to add my Evolve dimmer switches but I don’t see the option for Generic Z WAve devices in the app. There is an option which says Other Devices but when I click it there is only an option which says broadlink Hubs. Screenshots are attached. Please help. Thanks.

This Android or iOS?

Make sure the app is updated to the latest version.

The Generic Z-Wave option is present on my Android app.

It’s the iPhone app. The app version is 3.56(7). I even removed the app and installed it again.

Hello @automate,
We would like to investigate further on this issue. We have created a support ticket and sent you an email. Please reply to it to continue with the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance.

An update on this matter in case any other user runs into the same issue. It seems like the controller didn’t do the firmware upgrade when it was set up. @automate did a factory reset on the unit and that solved the issue. Thanks for your work :grin:


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