Generic IP camera with Ezlo Plus

I’m trying to setup some of my IP cameras using Ezlo Plus and the Android app. All hardware and software are up-to-date but no matter what camera I try to setup in the app they all fail. It’s always the same error “invalid IP address” but I can use a browser and all of them work. Is there a trick to this procedure or is it just another thing that doesn’t work?

Do you have also entered the port number in the IP adress field?

Under the url path I’ve entered /videoMain

All of my Foscam work this way.

Even though they are all on port 80 entering the port number did make many of them work. I tried but had no luck with 3 of my older cameras, I guess these are too old for compatibility even though they are IP cameras? I’ll keep trying to see if I can get them going as they did work on my Vera Secure.

I don’t have pan & tilt control. Is that by design?

Although it will require another computer, we developed Vidoo as a full blown Security Camera Platform product … you can find it here

You can add any generic IP camera to it…
Every installation has its own soft hub built in. So you are able to use all the triggers from the Cameras in EZLogic…
Vidoo also adds Hot Zone, Face Recognition, Object recognition into any IP camera. All these then become trigger and are available in EZLogic so that you can create a MeshBot.

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