Ge Switches at Lowes

I live in Md and it seems that a lot of the Lowes stores do not have the Ge switches, like the 45609. Any idea if they are not going to stock in stores anymore?

I had one on back order for ages from ASI and I think I remember seeing an email from them saying that it wouldn’t be available for some time due to it being revised. (most likely to add beaming support to the firmware perhaps as most of the other GE/Jasco kit supports this).
I expect that Lowes had many of them!

Hopefully they’ll be be available again soon and with any luck ASI might even chime in with an update, or may already have them again.

I know they had them at Bowie & Columbia. (Not sure how close those are).

Also went online and had to really do my homework to get a search at to find them.
Ge or jasco or zwave searches dont work too well…
A search for 197451 will get you a jasco switch and then from there you can see other related
products. Still showing them in stock in 50% of the stores around me… Southern AA County

Good Luck

I saw the Ge 45609 is available. I have CFL’s in 75% of my house, is this the switch I want to use?

Radio Shack!

Looks like that 45609 is good for CFL. The manual doesn’t say so… however

spells out the kinds of loads it’s good for.

Does anyone know how to connect the 45609 switch? I just flew 2000 miles to fix my Vera2 and install these switches for beaming support. It is replacing a regular ON/OFF switch which currently has two wires (hot one which is black and the one that goes to the lamps, which is orange) and nothing else. The instructions talk about a white (neutral), ground (green), and an additional black (load) wire.

I’ve tried going from hot to load and it does not work. Please don’t tell me this switch does not work…
Any ideas?

Normally the white wire is just passed straight to the light and doesn’t connect to the switch but the z-wave needs power to work so thats why the switch needs it connected. The green ground wire that is somtimes just bare wire is to prevent a shock hazard if something goes wrong. You may have to get some extra wire somewhere to screw in with the white wires that have a wire nut holding them together to add to the new switch or you may be able to put all the white wires onto the swith since it has 2 push in wire areas and a screw on area allowing up to 3 wires.

Thanks for your advice reiserx. I managed to get it to work by adding a neutral wire (white) and hooking it up with the rest of them.

Now, would you by any chance have an idea how to set up a 45609 and a 45610 as an auxiliary based on my setup? I have a 3-way switch setup with on switch having a black wire on one side and two orange wires coming out the other side. The other switch has a white wire with a yellow plastic sheathing on one side and two orange wires out the other side.

I have a neutral which I could use for the 45609. However, the 45610 just has connections for the traveler and the neutral and both of my switches have three wires attached to them, as stated above, and no ground.

I managed to get the 3-way switch to work. Thanks anyway!