GE Switch ramp rate question :/

Hey Guys,
Got my GE 45606 working great with my scenes. One little problem though…

When I use the rocker switch, it dims on and off perfectly. I have set the parameters for the proper ramp speed etc.

When I send a zwave command to turn off the light, it dims as well.

The problem is when I send a zwave command to turn ON the light…it abruptly turns on. Doesn’t ramp up.

So in short, switch works perfectly, but remote commands only ramp down the light, not up.

Is this normal behavior?

The only reason why it’s a bit frustrating is because I have this switched linked into my home theatre via XBMC and stuff to adjust lighting automatically based on the movie playback status. But going from a dark movie to instant on is frustrating, I’d like it to ramp up after the movie ends.

I think your answer is in this thread.


Depends on the “version” of the light you have. Some of the newer ones have a different firmware that work properly. Unfortunately, most of the older version do not work right so they do what you describe. And the really unfortunate thing is people don’t sell them as “updated version” or something, so you’ll never know what you’re going to get.

thanks for the info guys. Of course I have the version reported in that thread as the one that describes my problems perfectly. Guess it’s going back!
Thanks again :smiley:

Is there any dimmer switches that you guys would recommend for incandescent? I need the ones that dont use the neutral wire though :slight_smile:
From now on I ask here first!

[quote=“amp3d, post:4, topic:185013”]Is there any dimmer switches that you guys would recommend for incandescent? I need the ones that dont use the neutral wire though :slight_smile:
From now on I ask here first![/quote]

I personally use GE due to the price and local availability. My local “LOWES” hardware store carries them for 35.00 after discount and they will return or exchange anything without any questions. I have a mix of around 50 GE dimming/non dimming switches in 2 houses.

They are cheap switches with lack of extra features. But that’s what I was looking for. Only problem I have had with one was the blue LED quit working after a few months. Other then that with as many as I have no other issues. I personally would go an exchange that one, but you can find better switches if that’s what you want.

Levtron are labeled as the better brands (not sure they have a 2 wire) but are double the price.

2 wire dimmers are know to have problems, and alot of manufactures are going to 3 wire dimmers. With 2 wire dimmers, you need a certian amount of wattage worth of bulbs in the circuit, certain type of bulb. Incandescents are being phased out here in the US, but any of the 2 wire dimmers should work with them as long as you have 60w worth of bulbs or more.

I actually have one of the cheapo GE dimmers dimming 2 11W LED’s, works without a problem. Of course the GE hums a bit, but it did that with incandescents as well.

Thanks for the info.

I definitely see your points about the restrictions with the 2 wire, however in my specific case I actually have 6 incandescent bulbs on that circuit as it’s a main living room (rather large) area.

Maybe I’ll check out a local lowes and see what they have as you suggest. I’m located in Canada though so I’m not even sure they carry it.

They will not be by the other switches. They will be by the “IRIS” stuff. Don’t get your hopes up when you get to the IRIS section, only things there that will work w/ zWave is the thermostats(Radio Thermostat), and the GE dimmers, on/off and receptacle.

The Iris (Linear) garage door openers work as well.

The Iris (Linear) garage door openers work as well.[/quote]

The (water) leak detector also.

They also carry Z-wave duplex outlets. Absolutely LOVE Lowe’s for this stuff. As mentioned earlier, check to see if it’s Z-wave first but for the items that are, Lowe’s seems to be cheaper that most alternatives. Happy hunting!