GE On/Off switch question

I recently purchased a couple of GE On/Off switches, and noticed when I opened them that they said they could either be used as a single pole switch or as a 3-way switch. Does this mean I could use one of these in combination with a regular non z-wave 3 way switch to control a light fixture? I have a few 3-way fixtures I want to control, and if I can buy one z-wave switch per fixture as opposed to two that would be awesome.

You have to use the secondary GE switch. They are sold as a kit of two switches and only cost a little more for the pair. The single z-wave switch is the same unit as sold in the kit of two.

Nope! Do not connect a Z-Wave device and a regular 3-way switch together. They operate quite differently, electrically.

As mentioned by @wscannell, you’ll have to use the appropriate remote (aka secondary, aka aux) GE 3-way switch that’s designed to work with your primary switch. Only the primary switch has a Z-Wave chip. Therefore, the remote/secondary/aux switches are much cheaper.

You may want to ask around. Many of us have the aux’s piled a corner somewhere after giving up on them due to noise lines.

So the aux switches that come with the 3-way dimmer pack can work as aux switches with the on/off switch? I guess I assumed the aux dimmer switch wouldn’t work as an aux on/off switch.

They work fine. I have used several of the AUX switches that came with the dimmer main switch, on the on/off model, works fine. They are all built by JASCO, and are using the same (some say crappy) signalling system/voltages

They use the same aux switch, model 45610.