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Has anyone been able to pair the GE Link Wifi bulbs with Vera without a separate Wink hub?

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These bulbs use the ZigBee protocol. ZigBee is not supported by Vera.

Understood but can’t the Wink hub be added as a secondary controller within vera to pass information?

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NO. The bulb is ZigBee. Vera does not speak ZigBee. There is no way for Vera to “talk” to the bulb without a “translator” between them. The “translator”, typically called a gateway, would be the Wink hub as it speak ZigBee between it and the bulb and HTTP between it and Vera.

Vera <===> Wink Hub <===> Wink Bulb

Right I understand what you are saying but you said Vera can talk to Wink via Http. How can I then get the two hubs to talk?

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That part I don;t know. I don’t use Wink. I can only tell you that Vera cannot speak to the bulb directly.

Thanks. That o knew but trying to see how I might add wink in to vera to execute a scene to blend the two techs.

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At this point I think you might be better off using a different bulb (color changing or white) something like a MiLight.

In the future Vera should be able to work with zigbee.

To (hopefully) be able to create a link be tween Vera and Wink, please check below links to the Wink API. It seems to allow HTTP communication so if someone creates a ‘Wink plugin’ for Vera, she may be able to use Wink as a Zigbee interface. 8)

FYI that’s basically how the Hue app works. The Phillips Hue bulbs are operated by Zigbee. Hue hub is commanded by Vera over ethernet with the plug-in.

IMO you’re better off buying zwave light switches since the bulbs can’t override a switch. I have hue and it’s neat for color change but I don’t use the effect enough to justify buying more.

Now that everyone hopefully picked up a $30 GE link - Wink Hub combo over the weekend maybe this will become a higher priority?? Wanting to use this Wink for its radios as a compliment to Vera (because the Link bulbs are well priced) but am I going to run into issues? Keep in mind I am a novice at HA.

As stated earlier in this thread, wink and vera do not talk to each other.

However, if you are willing to get your hands dirty, Vera is capable of sending out via LUA coding HTTP requests, which you could direct to wink. No one has done that yet that I am aware of.

People have been able to root the Wink hub and then use the Vera hub to control it. I’m looking for documentation on this process (vera controlling the wink hub).

Ya… I got two. My wife is heading out of town next week so that’s probably my next window to start playing around with the wink hub.

I have 2 wink hubs with ge link bulbs but ended up buying a hue hub off ebay for $40 and now use this to control my ge link bulbs through vera with the hue plugin. Works much better.

Same here!
I returned the Wink Hub for the HUE Bridge and the GE Link lights work without any problems.

I ordered a Wink and 2 bulbs off Amazon but the bulbs are delayed and the Wink hasn’t even shipped yet. :slight_smile: There’s documentation on how to root the wink hub and someone made an android app to control it so there’s definite potential for slaving it to Vera as a Zigbee etc radio.

Wink has so much work to do. Geofencing doesn’t work. Scheduling is half baked. No motion detection and it being proprietary is holding it back. That’s why I wanted to integrate with Vera. Allow my existing network and HA to create scenes to google GE Lights.

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You can control Ge Link through the Hue Hub??

Yes and works great. Response is much faster.