GE/Jasco Outlets/Switches and Associations/Groups


I am relatively new at Z-wave and home automation so my apologies at what may be a basic question. I have several age/Jasco outlets and switches and I would like to do the following two things:

  1. Associate two outlets with each other so that turning one of them off/on will do the same to the other. Is this possible outside of a scene/trigger? From what I read, I need to create a group that includes both outlets and that should do it… But I also read the GE/Jasco outlets do not support groups.

  2. Associate a switch with an outlet so I can do the same as the above (eg, switching off/on the light switch also does the same to the outlet). Again I’ve read the GE/Jasco products may not support this?

Thank you!

You don’t state which specific models you are using, but I’m unaware of any GE/Jasco devices that support associations.

You will need to use Vera scenes or some other switches.

My apologies! The outlets are GE 45605. The light switches are Jasco 45609.

If I add the Leviton VRCS4-M0Z remote scene controller, can I mimic what I want to do using a scene? For example:

button #1 on → run scene “living room on” which turns on two lamps on two different outlets
button #2 off → run scene “living room off” which turns off two lamps on two different outlets

In this manner I mimic the behavior I want. Would that work?

You can use a VRCS4-M0Z remote scene controller, or any scene controller, to associate with your outlets. The scene controller stores the associations, not the outlet. Pressing the button on the scene controller would turn on the outlets. However, turning on an outlet by pressing the button on the outlet would affect only that outlet.

I tried to explain the association concept in this post.