GE Concord Alarm Integration Alternatives

I have a GE Concord Alarm and would like to connect my Vera Plus to it. I have tried buying the Superbus 2000 Automation module (60-783-02) but I can?t find anyone that stocks them. Four out of four resellers are claiming at least a 3-4 week wait to get one.

Is there another way to connect Vera Plus to this alarm panel?


As you can see here:

you’ll need to have the SuperBus 2000 Automation Module. Without that piece of equipment, you’ll not be able to integrate the system alarm with our controllers.

Thank you and Have a nice day

Amazon has them in stock GE Security 60-783-02 SuperBus 2000 RS-232 Automation Module

Bought one here. In stock and prompt delivery

Ordered my Superbus 2000 AM from here (great price although 4 weeks to get it):

I’ve got it all hooked up and all that’s left is figuring out how to set it up.

Hi! Im certainly not an expert in any of this, and I have been following the link - - so all good on the hardware side, I am running UI7 - when I go to install the plugin I cannot find a GE concord plugin. Is this still available or should I be using something else?

Read through this link. It gives you everything you need to know about installing the plugin

Thank you, got it to work great - I appreciated the help.

Good luck with your setup. It’s a solid plugin and gave me good service on the Vera Edge.

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