GE 45604 Outdoor Outlet All On/All Off

I’m using a modified GE 45604 Outdoor Outlet for a special function. It is essential that it must never be turned on except when a specific scene is activated. Someone hit All On on a handheld(45600) secondary controller and erroneously activated my Outdoor Outlet. This was bad.

The manual for the 45604 says that it is possible to configure if and how it responds to All On or All Off, but that the configuration is dependent on the primary controller, in my case Vera Lite UI5. I’ve poked around in Vera and searched for related documentation, but I can’t find any information about this configuration. I suspect that it is necessary to set a parameter, but which?

Does anyone know what the appropriate setting is or where I can find the necessary documentation?

This is going to be dependent on the controller. So, you might want to look at the 45600 manual which has an entire section on how to remove a device from All Control.

Deleting Devices (Lights / Nodes) from All Control If desired, specific devices can be setup to ignore the All-On and All-Off commands. 1. Press and hold SETUP until both the red and green LEDs blink twice. 2. Press DELETE once. (Red LED blinks once) 3. Press ALL once. (Green LED blinks rapidly) 4. Press the button on the device that you wish to remove from All Control. 5.The green LED blinks twice. You have successfully deleted the device from All Control. NOTE: If the red LED emits one long, steady blink, the device has not been successfully deleted from the group. Repeat steps 1-5 if this occurs.