GE 45604 Outdoor Module - No status?

I just got GE’s outdoor module and added it to my zwave network. I can turn it on and off, BUT it doesn’t report the status of the switch (On or Off).

Underneath the tile, an error message of ‘Unable to get any information…’ and '‘Transmit failed with code: 1’ appears, but I am still able to turn it on and off (I can hear the switch click).

Anyone with this same switch experiencing this same issue?

That usually means Vera can’t get a response from the switch.

It Vera can turn it on/off, the signal is reaching the switch, but the switch’s response might be getting blocked or too weak. Try moving the switch closer to (or right next to) Vera and see if that helps.

If it does, then you can either relocate it, or add a device somewhere in between that can be used for routing.

If that doesn’t help, then it’s possible the switch can receive RF but not transmit (although I haven’t seen that, but hey, you never know!) You can try doing an exclude/include again, to see if that helps while the switch is near Vera.

Moving the switch closer definitely helped. It looks like the switch itself doesn’t have the range like my other GE wall switches, which are further away.

I am sure that it can communicate both ways because I was able to turn on/off the device physically and have its status reflected in UI4.

One red flag, the neighbors aren’t listed for the device under Settings. I wonder if this device doesn’t have the abilities to speak to other devices in the mesh?

You may be onto something as far as the ‘neighbors’ setting goes. I just finished a nasty ‘neighbors’ battle with a CA9000 motion sensor. I paired it by taking it within close proximity of Vera. In retrospect, it seems that the neighbors it was assigned were those neighbors close to the Vera unit itself.

When I installed the CA9000 where I wanted it, it couldn’t be located, even though there were two zwave devices within about 10-15 ft of the sensor. If I moved the sensor 5 ft closer to the Vera unit, it quickly became responsive. Clearly, there was a range issue in play. I tried manually entering the node ids for the devices that were actually closest to the sensor and tried that. As I recall, that didn’t help right away. I left the unit within Vera’s range. Things got sorted out during the evening heal. Since then, I’ve been able to move the unit back to it’s preferred position and it’s working fine now and indicates the appropriate neighbors.

I now realize that I don’t fully understand how ‘neighbors’ are assigned and I wonder if it’s always a good idea to bring portable devices to Vera for inclusion instead of taking Vera to where the device needs to operate. Can someone straighten me out on this point?

I just repaired my network and the neighbors are now there, although it’s not updating the status of the switch when i physically turn the device on/off. The device however works perfectly aside from that.

I wonder if I added the device the wrong way? I added the device through high power inclusion (instead of pushing the zwave button on the back of the Vera.

Since it’s outside, and you already had some tranmission/routing issues initially, it sounds like the module is too far from Vera for her to be able to see that you pushed the button physically. Should show up after a poll though.

I wonder if I added the device the wrong way? I added the device through high power inclusion (instead of pushing the zwave button on the back of the Vera.
That should be fine. (I hardly ever use the Z-Wave button.)

The module is actually indoors and I have other switches farther away that’s been working flawlessly.

The outdoor module has all my other switches as neighbors and well within distance of all my nodes. It’s actually right smack in the middle.

Any other ways to set this outdoor module up for optimal performance? Anyone have issues with their outdoor module?

Right; but the assumption is that it needs to be directly visible by Vera for the status to show up. (Normal functionality may work fine, as those messages may get routed through other nodes.)

Same problem. When I first got veralite I walkedd around outside and added 6 outdoor switches with no problems operating them. Now, I’ve tried to add three more right next to those working and they will not add. I then took them indoors and added them next to Vera and they worked. Took back outside and no response. Similar problem wih plugged in appliance module. Something changed with veralite. Was able to add about 30 switches, dimmers, appliance modules, and outdoor switches without problem. I was able to add the outdoor while on batteries with Vera lite when I first got the unit. It will no longer add them remotely and when I add close by and move, they don’t work. Very frustrating. I think it is a problem with veralite. Support not able to offer solution.

Did you perform a zwave network heal?

  • Garrett

Distance should not really be that much of an issue with these. I have on on the porch within 1.5 feet of a GE switch inside and another one in the shed, which is at least 15 to 18 feet away from the outdoor unit on the porch and the GE switch. Both 45604’s switch off and on as per command and status shows correctly.

The only zwave devices I worry about range are my Schlage door locks. But two of them are within a foot of a GE device (which supports the encrypted format). The other 2 lock are about 3 feet away from a block of 3 GE devices. The 45604 in my garage is the farthest away from a neighbor. The closest device (again GE for the door lock comms) is about 20 foot and 2 inside walls away. No problems there either.

I have healed overall and individually. No difference. I have also excluded each one and then included over and over many times and no difference. Other outdoor modules that I installed when I first got Veralite work just great.
I’m thinking of resetting veralite to factory default and reinstalling.