GE 45602 Load Sensing function with more than 1 light connected

Can anyone confirm the functionality of a GE 45602 dimmer regarding the load sensing function. I want to be able to turn on the light(s) connected to the dimmer manually as well as automatically through Vera2. I did the parameter change thing as described in other posts (paramter 29, default size,value=1). That worked fine to enable load sensing so that when I manually turn on one light (using its switch), even if the dimmer is currently programmed to off, the light will turn on and the module will subsequently report the device state as on to Vera.

What I really want to do is have two or three lights connected to a dimmer. The problem I have is that the module is bulky and there is no way to easily plug in two modules to the same wall outlet (unless I use a dorky little extension cord). What I tried doing is having a two(actually three) way splitter ie so you can plug two or three lights into one outlet, and connecting this to the z wave port of the dimmer. Problem is that I seem to lose the load sensing functionality to some degree. What I mean is that when I turn on one light manually, even multiple times, nothing happens. However if I turn on both lamps that are connected multiple times, after 4 or 5 times the lights do turn on, but it seems that I have to catch it just right. Although that works for two decorative lamps on either end of a smallish buffet, it is not practical for two lamps on opposite ends of a 6 foot couch.

Short of buying one dimmer module for each light (to enable effective load sensing), does anyone know of a workaround? I really don’t want to get calls from the wife and/or kids saying “Daddy these lights don’t work” or “they keep burning out”. I suppose I could get a remote control for each room, but they tend to get lost and I already have a bunch of remotes for the AV setup. Does the load sensing function of the wall AC receptacles have this same issue when multiple loads are plugged into one outlet?

I use powerstrips with multiple dimming modules plug into it :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s what I may end up doing. As an aside, does anyone know if the appliance module GE 45603 supports the load sensing function? I can merrily program that into the module on vera2 but it does not seem to work as the lamp/dimmer 45602 does.