GE 45601 - Scene "Off" (Solved)

Evening fine Vera enthusiasts…

I’ve had a GE 45601 for quite some time. Prior to moving I had the remote paired to individual switches and really paid no attention to scene controlling, however I ran across the wiki entry on the 45601 and the setup looked relatively straightforward:

So the problem is not turning scenes “On” with the remote, but turning them “Off”. Try as I might.

Also, the wiki states:

After you're done creating all the new scenes for the GE remote's buttons, you MUST PAIR the GE remote with the Vera controller again. Follow the instructions above to pair. This will synch the new scenes to the remote and the two will now work.

However, the Vera does not allow the remote to be paired again as it says that it’s already a known device. Maybe this is what needs to happen, however I’m not aware of how to pair the remote without first deleting it, which in-turn deletes any new triggers within scenes as the device is no longer valid.

Anyone who has a 45601 actually working with the off rocker to control scenes - I will buy you beers or other beverages if you can help a frustrated user out.

Kind regards and TIA!

It’s not really an error message, more of a status message. I can’t remember the exact language, something like “found existing device”. Assuming there are no other problems during the process with Vera or the 45601, then you’re good to go. Press the Off toggle, and any lights associated with that scene will turn off. You can also dim up and down by holding the button.

It's not really an error message, more of a status message.

While I wish that was the case that’s unfortunately not true. When you try to re-add the remote via the standard options in UI5:

Add ZWave devices, like light switches, door locks, thermostats, etc.

…the wiki instructions do not work (or no longer work based on current software). I did figure it out however. After you create your triggers tied to the remote within the scenes and go to re-add (i.e. transfer) do not use that first option. Instead select:

Advanced Z-Wave devices

…at the bottom of the “Add Device” tab and then click “Add One” within the top two button options. This works and the remote responds with a “Success” instead of “Failure”. Now everything works correctly! Beer for myself I guess. :wink: