GD00Z GDC with a Chamberlain wall controller (soldered to button)

Hi Folks,
my first post…I have been learning about the compatibility issues with the Security+ enabled Garage door openers and connecting the GD00Z directly to the Garage door unit. Knowing that would be a problem, I thought I would try one of the solutions proposed here on the forum. So, I went ahead and tried soldering the output wires of the GD00Z unit to the push button on the wireless controller that came with the garage door unit. It worked like a champ!!!

However, I wanted to take this a step further, since my Chamberlain Model HD900D smart control wall panel has a “Lock” mode, where all wireless devices are locked out from use, and only the wall panel control element works. I didn’t want to be in a position where I couldn’t actually close the door remotely if the lock mode was turned on…

So, I tried soldering the output wires from the GD00Z to one of the push buttons in the smart control wall panel. I thought it would basically work just like with the wireless controller, but it didn’t. Anybody have any thoughts as to why this would be the case? With the GD00Z connected to wall panel in this manner it doesn’t work at all.

Here is also a picture of the smart control wall panel with the plastic button cover removed. You can see the push buttons inside the unit…

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated!

Do you ever use the lockout? I’ve always thought it was a great idea and that I would use it to prevent someone coming home and accidental opening the door while I was working on it or in the garage, or while we were away on holiday. But, after 30 years of garage doors with the lockout switch, I’ve never used it, not even once. Every time I’ve disable a garage door opener, I did it by unplugging the unit entirely. Anyway…

That picture is too dark and too small for me to see how you have it connected.

My guess is that you have connected to the wrong contacts. The microswitches have four soldered contacts each. You need to connect to one of the upper and one of the lower contacts. If you connect side-to-side it will not work as they are essentially the same wire.

You can test for the right ones by using a small piece of wire to bridge the contacts from the front, just as you have it pictured.

Hi Z-Waver,
Yes, I actually did just that - I tested the soldered pins on the reverse side of the button with a wire to make sure I was able to simulate the button push by creating a short. So, I do have the wires soldered onto the correct pins, that I am sure of. That is the odd thing to me - that it worked like a champ for the wireless remote, but not for the wall panel device. I would think that it does the exact same thing to the little button circuit.

I do use the lock out quite a bit actually. I had a point in time when my garage door was going up and down at odd hours of the night (!), so I started using it pretty religiously.

Either your soldering is not right or your GD00Z isn’t working correctly. As you’ve proven, a short across the correct contacts activates the door.

If you disconnect the wires from the GD00Z and short them together, the door should activate. If it does, then the problem is the GD00Z. If it doesn’t activate, the problem is your soldering.

I did another experiment - I shorted the GD00Z wires together with another wire and the door opened. So, my soldering is good.
I am going to put the GD00Z back onto the remote opener and see if it works.
If it doesn’t - problem with the GD00Z.
If it does, it would imply that the circuitry on the wall mount is somehow different so that the GD00Z doesn’t work with it. I will keep you posted…

I have a chamberlain with the same push button control that you there and could not get the GDZ to work with it. I tried connecting the GDZ to the garage motor switch input as well as to the wired button controller. I ended up getting a regular push button switch. That wired button setup corresponds with the garage opener digitally as opposed to an Open/Closed switch. As such, shorting the button by soldering the GDZ to it won’t work. That said, you have me thinking about setting up one of my wireless remotes just for the GDZ. I do have a spare someplace.

If you figure something out, I would love to hear it as I actually preferred that push button setup because of it’s motion detection which turns on the garage door opener light. I ended up putting a motion detector in and a Z-Wave wall switch for my garage lights as a work around but would go back to the chamberlain light if I can get the original switch to work. I guess I am going to mess with the wireless remote next.

@slief - He’s already proven that shorting the terminals on the microswitch inside the controller works perfectly. If the GD00Z can perform the short, it will work.

What would you recommend for a relay to try for this?

This previous recommendation was to use a relay if the GD00Z was using a semiconductor switch (rather than a relay) to control its output. However, the GD00Z is designed with an internal mechanical (not a semiconductor) relay, hence there is nothing to be gained by adding an external relay. You can actually hear the “click” this relay makes when the GD00Z is working.

Definitely do not attempt to use the GD00Z’s output to switch a 110V load - it is only designed to safely switch low voltages such as those found at a garage door opener button.

As to why the GD00Z does not trigger the button on the smart controller using the connections you made - maybe the contact “on” time of the GD00Z relay is a bit too short to simulate a press of the button you are trying to simulate on the smart controller?

Correct me if I am wrong but the impression I got is that it didn’t work when he soldered the wires to the smart controller button interface. Instead he had to solder the connections to the wireless remote control to get the GDO to open via the GD00Z.

If I am wrong, I would love to know it. Westgard, can you please confirm? I have the same opener and the same smart control interface and had to remove the smart control interface and replace it with a standard dumb push button. I would love to go back to the smart button if I can make the GD00Z work with it and not have to connect the GD00Z to a wireless remote.

Any updates?