GC100 Delete?

I’m trying to delete the GC100 device and am having problems.

I don’t recall installing the app but very well could have. Anyway a gc100 device appeared in my list of devices. When I delete it and uninstall the plugin it appears to remove everything but a upon reload the plugin reappears and the device is recreated. Does this autoinstall once vera detects a gc100 on the network? How would I prevent this from happening?

I’m trying to setup irule to control av gear in the home. I am using a gc100-06 for comcast. I also use irule to control lights on vera through the network. Controlling vera devices is very sluggish or not working at all. I opened up vera and saw the gc device. Don’t know if it is related but it vera seems to be getting hung on this and perhaps this is causing the sluggish behavior.